Self-care from Cell to Soul!
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Linger Longer, the Power of Pausing

Hello my Conscious Co-creators! It is August and if you are most anywhere…it is HOT. I live in Texas, where the temperatures pass 100 degrees and it is literally blazing hot. Dwelling in the land of wellness, I have been very mindful of not overdoing it when it is oh so smoldering. For optimal well-being, it is ideal to balance your lifestyle and self-care habits, with the seasons. If you were to eat hot soup, run ten miles (without drinking any water and in a sweat suit) and proceed to take a dip in the hot tub you might go into cardiac arrest, if severe dehydration or heat stroke don’t get you, first. This is obviously an extreme example but the point is when we fight against nature (and ourselves) we get thrown way out of balance and that is when dis-ease ensues. Read More


Miss Nutrish's Top 5 Tips to Mental Wellness

Observe Your Energy Patterns: Are you Cashing IN or OUT? Energy is EVERYTHING. The food we eat provides us with specific energy. The music we listen to is comprised of various frequencies. The people we surround ourselves with. Negative thoughts vibrate differently than positive ones. Become an observer of how you GIVE and RECEIVE energy. What drains you? What fills you up? Simply shifting your energy around any (or all) of these areas will have a great impact on your Mental Wellness. I do not surround myself with people who do not believe in my dreams anymore; I cannot be pulled down, energetically. Practice observing your energy patterns, no judgement! This allows you to notice when you are actively allowing others to drain you AND when you feel full of light energy. Our brains are wired to move towards pleasure and away from pain so it becomes easy to let go of that which is depleting your energetic reserves. Read More