Self-care from Cell to Soul!
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Building Bridges to Create Optimal Wellbeing!

Our FEELINGS are signals within our body designed to guide us to the next best step, for our growth and evolution. Our FEELINGS alert us when we are out of balance, because the body's true desire is to be in balance, and if we are listening we can use the signals to provide ourselves with what we need. Our FEELINGS provide subtle information so that we know when we are even slightly off balance, so we can begin to self-regulate, rather than ignore or avoid.  Read More


Breeze into October

Intuitive eating removes the craziness of tracking, counting, loathing and fear from your relationship to food. Which affords you the opportunity to make dietary choices from a space of deep knowing and trust of what is most nourishing, to you. It removes the emotional choosing and replaces it with trust in your choices, even if you chose to make a sub-optimal choice, from time to time. Learning to listen to your body cues as well as the personality of foods, are underlying premises of how to begin to eat with a deeper sense of intuition and guidance. Most of our decisions are created from an unconscious place of affording others opinions and/or choosing from reaction (craving, emotion, habit, cultural belief) rather than a conscious capture of what you need, in this very moment. ‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.’ - Albert Einstein Read More