Self-care from Cell to Soul!
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Embrace the Qualities of Non-linear Love

Acknowledging the need for both masculine & feminine, moves us to a place of valuing the integration rather than the polarity. With this understanding I can embrace my feelings as a vibrational interpretation of my experience and use the linear parts of my mind to know when to act or how to move forward. Self Care and Self Love do not follow a linear path either, it is less about your plan and more about the depth at which you will go for yourself. Read More


Breeze into October

Intuitive eating removes the craziness of tracking, counting, loathing and fear from your relationship to food. Which affords you the opportunity to make dietary choices from a space of deep knowing and trust of what is most nourishing, to you. It removes the emotional choosing and replaces it with trust in your choices, even if you chose to make a sub-optimal choice, from time to time. Learning to listen to your body cues as well as the personality of foods, are underlying premises of how to begin to eat with a deeper sense of intuition and guidance. Most of our decisions are created from an unconscious place of affording others opinions and/or choosing from reaction (craving, emotion, habit, cultural belief) rather than a conscious capture of what you need, in this very moment. ‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.’ - Albert Einstein Read More


Seasonal Shifts & Body Language

Hello my Conscious Co-creators! Welcome to September! I hope your summer has been relaxing and full of adventure. The end of the month officially blows us into the fall, which means crockpot meals, football and cozy days are just around the corner. There is so much to love about every season and I believe it is as important to honor our bodies, to not be swept away by the changing seasons. The world we live in supports our bodies through the fruit of the land, the air we breathe and the water which we are made of. Balance and rhythm, of our bodily cycles, are supported through the cycles of the seasons. How? Foods, spices and herbs are used to balance the elements, found within the body, to create balance within your external environment and the ability to withstand extreme elements, like snow storms or 100+ degree weather. If you are interested in this topic, you can learn more about it here. Beyond seasonal rhythms, did you know your body communicates with you, right down at the cellular level? Your thoughts, emotions and actions inspire communication between the trillions of cells in your body, as well as your organs and the many cooperative systems you are made of. You may not be aware of the effects of your thoughts on your cellular memory, that is until you are aware of the language your body speaks. Do you really believe those few extra pounds are hanging around because you are bad or have little willpower? Read More


Blazing through Summer

Can you FEEL the intensity that happens as the HEAT increases? It is no accident that we practice more vacating during the hot, summer months. It is an intuitive cultural practice. I am not sure about you, but I am TOTALLY feeling the need to slow down & just chill. I have found extra time for self-care and Im SOO enjoying staying hydrated with lots of veggie juice, fruits and infused waters! Last month I spoke of how we find balance during times of transition, like season changes. This month let’s explore the positive qualities of fire. Fire is destructive, creative & transformative. It may start with a dull ember and transform into an all consuming, blazing heat. It is the only element that doesn’t begin in a natural state…it must consume another element to become alive. It is passionate, sensual, purifying AND powerful. How are the elements of fire showing up in your life?! Read More


Linger Longer, the Power of Pausing

Hello my Conscious Co-creators! It is August and if you are most anywhere…it is HOT. I live in Texas, where the temperatures pass 100 degrees and it is literally blazing hot. Dwelling in the land of wellness, I have been very mindful of not overdoing it when it is oh so smoldering. For optimal well-being, it is ideal to balance your lifestyle and self-care habits, with the seasons. If you were to eat hot soup, run ten miles (without drinking any water and in a sweat suit) and proceed to take a dip in the hot tub you might go into cardiac arrest, if severe dehydration or heat stroke don’t get you, first. This is obviously an extreme example but the point is when we fight against nature (and ourselves) we get thrown way out of balance and that is when dis-ease ensues. Read More


Miss Nutrish's Top 5 Tips to Mental Wellness

Observe Your Energy Patterns: Are you Cashing IN or OUT? Energy is EVERYTHING. The food we eat provides us with specific energy. The music we listen to is comprised of various frequencies. The people we surround ourselves with. Negative thoughts vibrate differently than positive ones. Become an observer of how you GIVE and RECEIVE energy. What drains you? What fills you up? Simply shifting your energy around any (or all) of these areas will have a great impact on your Mental Wellness. I do not surround myself with people who do not believe in my dreams anymore; I cannot be pulled down, energetically. Practice observing your energy patterns, no judgement! This allows you to notice when you are actively allowing others to drain you AND when you feel full of light energy. Our brains are wired to move towards pleasure and away from pain so it becomes easy to let go of that which is depleting your energetic reserves. Read More


Tuning into Gratitude

Some of us may think of the word gratitude as a simple, thinking about things that we are grateful (or thankful) for. While this is true, it lacks true expression of the vitality and omnipresence of Gratitude. Maybe you have been to a yoga class where chanting was involved. Maybe you muttled along and chanted to the best of your ability. Maybe you even began to enjoy it. On a deeper level, the chant that fell from your lips, also vibrated to all of the cells in your body, every single one of them were in on the chant. Now, you don’t necessarily hear or feel this communication so let’s assume you weren’t as connected as you could be to the profound effects of the chanting class. This is an illustration of Gratitude. The effects of being thankful are far beyond your immediate comprehension. It’s like skipping a rock, watch the ripples extend out..until you cannot see them anymore. Read More