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Love Letters

'Since I worked with Danae, I became more energetic, improved my digestion and recovery more quickly from exercise. She has she completely helped me change my way of eating, which includes more nutrient dense foods. Danae also helped me discover what exercise and foods are best for my metabolism. The most tangible results that I have noticed are relief from headaches, muscle pain, stabilized mood and increased digestion. My work with Danae has also taught me how to manage my energy, efficiently. Danae is encouraging, open-minded, flexible, positive and driven. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a healthy lifestyle upgrade.'

Isa Baruah, RN
Completed Danae’s 6 Month Nutrition Program

'I learned the tools to rebalance each of my Chakras and some of these tools included specific foods and recipes that would better support overall chakra balance. I also felt really supported by the community created through the Chakra Rebalance. This cleanse taught me about different stones, foods, affirmations and poses to support each individual chakra and overall balance of all. It was awakened to new ways of healing. Danae's recipes were delicious and easy to prepare. I am so pleased at the ease of my ability to carry out the entire 21 Day Chakra Rebalance. Being overwhelmed is something that is familiar to me, and because of Danae’s high attention to detail, her daily self-care schedule helped me organize my day and make empowered choices throughout. During the program, I realized the true implications of the far reaching affects of nutrition in all areas of my life. Every aspect of the Rebalance felt loving and kind and my body responded very well to that. I love that I can take everything I learned, with me and make it sustainable in my life. I look forward to more programs she offers!'

- Monica Baker, Yogi
Completed the Chakra Rebalance Cleanse created by Danae

'Danae helped me work towards my goals by always being a positive and supportive guide. Through working with Danae, I have learned that it is a lot easier to make healthier choices and not so difficult to let go of foods that are harmful to me. I feel lighter and I have let go of some of the health issues I have struggled with for years. I would describe Danae as very passionate and thorough about helping people discover their own powerful, creative role in their reality and health.'

Hilary Shellhorse, Lagree Method Teacher at Core Elements
Completed the Whole 30 and private sessions with Danae

'When I started the Whole 30, I wanted to learn & lose weight. Danae was able to help me to work towards my goals with her knowledge, example and encouragement of baby steps. The biggest tangible changes I have noticed, have been that I am more mindful of what goes in and on my body. Danae is very self aware and nurturing and I would her to anyone who is ready to taking a healing journey.' 

Shannon Cook
Completed Whole 30 at Core Elements

'When I started the Whole 30, I wanted to create a positive relationship with food and a have a better understanding of what my body needs most. Danae has a great way of explaining the scientific and emotional reasons of why and how we eat what we do. During these 30 days, I have embodied the belief that I have a choice. I now realize how sensitive my body is to processed foods. Danae is smart, full of light, approachable and valued. I would recommend to Danae to anyone interested in learning more about their body, in relation to food and lifestyle.' 

Jade Bailey
Completed Whole 30 at Core Elements
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