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Always interested in sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge, Danae has been in public speaking since she was a pre-teen. Danae has beat the odds, overcome adversity and healed herself through what she calls a Conscious Lifestyle. She has a knack for motivating and educating a crowd through engaging information and interaction. Danae enjoys sharing moving stories that draw out emotions in her audience and leave them feeling like they are capable of accomplishing anything. She will energize listeners with stories that inspire peak performance, move your audience to action, engage them through mindfulness & movement techniques and create a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

Danae speaks on a variety of topics regarding wellness through nutrition, mindfulness, spiritual connection, optimal living & human potential. She works with schools, corporations, wellness facilities and for small groups and has been asked to speak at ceremonies, seminars and school events.

Danae's topics include (but are not limited to).

Workshops Topics

Radical Self Care & Creating Healthy Habits
Stress Management & Living a Thriving Life
Meditation & Mindfulness
Women & Men’s Wellness
Gut & Brain Health
Eating for Energy & Food as Medicine
Exploring Intuitive Guidance
Intuition in Business

Contact Danae today to learn more about topic offerings, availability, pricing and to see if she is a good fit with your organization. Danae is also available for custom content creation including (but not limited to):

Group & Corporate Wellness Programs
Educational Videos
Newsletters and written content

Here is a partial list of clients Danae has presented with...

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