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Corporate Wellness with Danae

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Danae understands that health & wellness reaches far beyond the home. In fact, many of us spend more time at our workplace than we do at home. 

So how do we make this a healthy & thriving environment as well? 

If you want to be successful you have to have access to that which makes you a success. Design your Corporate Wellness Program according to the individual & collective needs of your company.

Danae's Nutrish'ous Mission:
To EDUCATE and EMPOWER Corporate Wellness clients to achieve optimal wellness in ALL areas of their lives. Through Danae's workshops and personalized programs, she guides her clients to create individualized or group programs to help them reach their goals while making REAL and LASTING lifestyle changes. 

She guides you to a more conscious lifestyle by exploring such concepts as; clean eating, cleansing, functional movement, mindfulness, personal growth, gratitude and contribution. 

Workshops & programs include a variety of wellness possibilities, including but not limited to: nutrition & lifestyle coaching, personalized detoxification modalities, yoga, stress management, meditation and additional mindful techniques.

Yoga is now widely recognized as a valuable way to reduce stress & anxiety, increased productivity, concentration and a balanced and peaceful work space. Read more about the health benefits of yoga.


There are numerous ways to invite Danae into your Corporate Workspace.

Here are a few ways to work with Danae:

Nutrition & Lifestyle Workshops
Offered in single sessions or a Healthy Living Series including a variety of wellness topics, more information is provided upon request of services.
Onsite Group Yoga Classes
Offered throughout the workday accomodating to staff schedules.
Conscious Living & Nutrition Coaching
Personalized for the individual, to suit their specific needs and may include a variety of modalities & techniques.
Private Executive Coaching Programs
 Private yoga, coaching and nutritional programs for busy executives with a limited amount of time.
Wellness Events
Half and full day events including a variety of offerings to include, but not limited to: nutrition & lifestyle education, yoga & movement classes, mindfulness techniques, team building and more.
Seeking a healther version of your restaurant menu?? Are you a gym owner needing to revamp and include nutritional services or workshops? Spas desiring to add cleansing services, supplementation programs, membership, or coaching programs. Danae has 7+ years of operational management, consulting and coaching experience. Contact her for more information about your specific needs. 
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