Self-care from Cell to Soul!
Conscious Living 101

‘I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.’
- Albert Einstein

Ready to embark on your Conscious Lifestyle?

It begins with passionate curiosity of what drives you to be happy and healthy.

Together, we will create your Self-Care Toolbox to reach your health and wellness ideals because we are motivated by feeling good.

Pleasure precedes desire. We have desires to act as a catalyst for change. Consciousness thrives on change. If desires are overlooked or negotiated so to is our ability to become more conscious. This is when distraction has a chance to thrive and we begin to try and ?ll this void. Over-indulgence only happens when we deny our desires in the ?rst place, which may lead to addiction and imbalances of all sorts. The loss of connection to desire also may result in a loss of personal power. We are left with a feeling of lack or instinct injury, providing space for others to leave impressionable marks on our views of our health & self-worth.

This has to change. There has to be a shift from giving away our Personal Power to feeling personally EMPOWERED, to catalyze healing & growth. Dis-ease in the body is an accumulation of imbalance, stemming from one or more areas: mental, emotional, spiritual or physical in nature. 

Self care is the new health care.

The more you know and understand about your body the easier it is to maintain balance and to communicate your desires and needs. 

It is my belief that we cause harm to ourselves and others because we are distracted and disconnected from the true source of pain or lack, or desire. If it were easy to correlate your grumpy mood with not being able to express your creativity, the pain would be easy to move away from. Similarly, when food is consumed mindfully, without distraction, it becomes effortless to make the correlation between the meal and the onset of discomfort in the body. However, because we culturally eat in busy situations, standing, or watching television we often miss the messages of discomfort provided by our body.

Plugging into your Conscious Lifestyle allows you to connect and get clear on how to best help yourself on every level; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Typically, we tap into one of these areas at a time, instead of further examining their interrelation. This means creating and holding space for a set of standards for your Body Temple and Life.

Here are the principles that guide the creation and fruition, of your Conscious Lifestyle Program.



There is a story about the difference between building your house on sand or rock. Even if you haven’t heard this story, it should be easy to imagine how ineffective it is to have a structure built on sand. The same is true of your lifestyle. The foundations of a Conscious Lifestyle include, creating non-negotiables & boundaries to attract greater clarity to form new habits, effortlessly. When working at the foundational stage; simple, effective tools are utilized for prioritizing, time management and goal setting. At this level, we take a look at your beliefs (in every area of life) to ?nd out what you are plugged into. Often, our beliefs are in opposition to our desires… making it very dif?cult to incorporate new habits. This clarity provides direction in cultivating your Conscious Lifestyle.


Our body, mind and spirit are intrinsically connected. Unresolved emotions are stored in our organs and can manifest into illness, if not emoted.  Along with emotions, our internal dialogue shapes the reality of our lives. Science is proving this through the study of epigenetics. Mindfulness is a state of mind, which requires consistent practice to cultivate, a devotion to this way of living. We experience being mindful in many forms; through our ?ve senses, emotions, body language, intuition, and interactions with others. Instead of REacting in a situation, mindfulness allows us to discern the message and decide what is important and real...everything else is an illusion. Mindfulness will also help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, OCD and addictive patterns. We must be mindful in all aspects of our lives including our daily decisions. Therefore, we must ?rst illuminate the areas of your life where you have fallen asleep. Where have you left situations up to chance rather than taking a stand in your own life? This may translate into diving deep into our emotional habits towards food, increasing our assertiveness at work, or even ?nding a more loving approach in our relationships, all of which are accomplished through proven stress reduction techniques and intuitive guidance.


We cannot think or act clearly if our bodies are out of balance or toxic, which is why we have continuously heard the saying ‘your body is your temple’. This is true! If your house is full of mold and termites, it would be safe to assume the foundation would not last.  There is no difference with our bodies, except our bodies are miraculous structures. Our hearts’ beat without command. All of our cells are constantly seeking balance, or homeostasis. Give your body half of a chance to heal and it will get to work. I believe that nutrition is an extremely personal love story and what is good for the goose is NOT always good for the gander. Through your Conscious Lifestyle program, you will connect with your body through movement, meal planning, nutrition education, stress reduction, cleansing programs and more. 


Spiritual connection is our source of enlightenment and connection to all; our higher selves, others & Divine Nature. We ARE Divine beings, our Spirits reside in our Body Temple. Deepening Spiritual Connection allows us to move from monkey-mind thinking (repetitive or incessant) to a state of perceiving & feeling. When we live a Spirit Filled Life, there is a common theme of moral consistency in all of our actions, values, business transactions, relationships, commitment to ourselves and others. It involves internal consistency; making choices that support your higher purpose even when no one is around to hold you accountable. This is achieved through Spiritual devotion & rituals, all of which can be attained through our work together. Spiritual essence is imbued in all of the tools and guidance you will receive within your personalized program.


To INTEGRATE is to combine A & B, to form something new. Change does not occur simply from knowing about something better. It takes devotion, clarity, alignment and consistent action. Integrating your Conscious Lifestyle involves speaking the language of change & manifesting it into your daily routine. Make a conscious effort to extend gratitude to all that has been bestowed upon you, and have the strength to let go of that which no longer serves you. When you want to live abundantly, you must GIVE abundantly. What is your carbon footprint? Are you conscious of the effect of your actions on others?  It is time for you to share your gift with the world!  No one bene?ts from you playing small. The more integration of your Conscious Lifestyle, the more abundantly you can contribute - to yourself and others.

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