Self-care from Cell to Soul!

What is a Conscious Lifestyler?

We are self-regulating, manifesting beings. We are designed to heal ourselves and often we have not been taught the tools to tune in and heal.

I coach clients to tap into the intelligence of their bodies and healing capabilities through awareness, nutrition, movement, mindfulness and spiritual connection, providing a deep understanding and application of intuitive guidance. I illuminate habitual patterns of unconscious reaction in order to find positive solutions to create conscious habits that resonate change. All of this is accomplished through an increased awareness of self-care; intentional actions towards physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. We synergize your innate intelligence with the intelligence of food, herbs and other gifts from nature. Discover self-care tools to use from cell to soul!

As a Conscious Life stylist, I provide the education, tools and experience for you to reflect, engage and ignite the alignment of your Highest Good. Basically I help you find your way back to your Divine Path, the one where abundance rules your world...not LACK.

We do so by questioning:

Current beliefs
Emotional patterns and awareness
Self care, eating and lifestyle habits

Conscious Lifestyling is compassionate guidance towards your personal evolution. We set goals in accordance with your specific needs and I support you in setting up strategies to reach your goals, incrementally. While I do not prescribe supplements, I do offer information and resources for clients to consider, if they are interested in supplementation. I also offer muscle testing, to tap into your body’s supplementary needs through applied kinesiology.

This is why our work can be done in stages and with specific concepts in mind. The beauty of working with our lives in a holistic way, means we are more connected to the unfolding and inter-connection of all areas of our lives. When we improve our attitude, our eating habits change. When we set new boundaries in our relationships, suddenly we feel compelled to start back at our workout routine. It is all interwoven. Pull one string and more are to follow. On the other hand, support the body, mind, spirit and relationships and your life really begins to unfold beautifully and effortlessly.

While my programs provide definite, foundational support, each session is unique and spontaneous and tailored, by you. Stepping into your Conscious Lifestyle, you will find the beauty in patience because the we are multi-dimensional and working in one area may bring up imbalances in another. The good news is, this is a lifestyle and not a competition.

Here are some small and significant transformation opportunities which may occur during our time together…

From This

To That

Jumping in to fad diets, cleansing and exercise routines and surely falling back into old habits.

Create gradual changes that fit into your lifestyle, leaving more room for sustainable change and shifts in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Eating processed, chemical laden, allergy & inflammation inducing foods

Eating whole, vibrant, live giving foods and enjoying them!

A sense of confusion, distrust and neglect of oneself

Increased confidence, trust and intuitive guidance.

Occasional (or not at all) connection to something greater than yourself.

Consistent, spiritual devotion created by inspiration.

Lack of emotional awareness or expression, causing feelings of frustration and repression.

Allowing pleasurable feelings to nourish and heal you.

Difficulty with daily routines and a lack of goal setting.

A content sense of rhythm and time management

Feeling consumed by negative self-talk and a lack of awareness of how much it is affecting your current reality.

Feeling and releasing negative self-talk

Checking out during stressful times by numbing out, distraction or addiction.

Staying connected to our bodies even under stressful situations

I will also provide…

Education about whole food nutrition, body awareness, conscious living and much more.
Tools for stress reduction, mindfulness, intuition and cooking
Experiences to enhance what you are learning
Connection to a network of practitioners, healers & therapists

Who may benefit from this type of work & may be experiencing…
Hormonal Imbalance
Stress, Fatigue & Mild Depression
Sleep Issues
Digestive Disturbance & Food Allergies
Focus & Concentration
Weight Loss
Men’s/Women’s Health
Learning Differences
Those seeking a more Conscious Lifestyle

Schedule your complimentary consultation today to see what areas of your lives require and deserve the most attention. This is about self-love, the abundant kind.

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