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The world we live in supports our bodies through the fruit of the land, the air we breathe and the water which we are made of. Balance and rhythm of our bodily cycles are supported through the cycles of the seasons. How? Foods, spices and herbs are used to balance the elements, found within the body, to create balance within your external environment and the ability to withstand extreme elements, like snow storms or 100+ degree weather. 

Each of the five elements are represented within a season. Cleansing the excesses of the previous season removes the risk of being carried into the new, which might create imbalance and illness. 

Many factors, both internal and external, act constantly on us to disturb this balance, like stress, poor eating habits, climate change, exposure to toxicity & many more. 

Ayurveda is sister science to yoga and an ancient health practice, with its origins in India,  places emphasis on maintaining balance while focusing on prevention of dis-ease. 

This ancient wellness system teaches that maintaining diet and lifestyle techniques that support your unique constitution (dosha), and seasonal cleansing are the keys to obtaining and maintaining overall good health. 

Seasonal cleansing is one of the best ways to clear the body of these imbalances or excesses. For instance, if your prominent dosha is pitta, the season is summer, and you’ve been eating spicy hot foods you may be feeling excess heat somewhere in the body. Seasons, the type of food you eat daily, our emotions and lifestyle habits contribute to an excess of any given dosha. Proper elimination of these excesses can return the body to a more balanced state and promotes vitality and longevity of life. Remember, we are all made up of these three doshas to some degree, it’s the “excess” accumulation of these elements that creates imbalance for us all.

Join us for an inspiring and supportive whole body cleanse. Because we know the fall is a busy time, we have created a cleanse that includes ALL of the details, all you have to do is enjoy the process and let go of what is no longer serving you! 

This Fall Cleanse will include time for preparation, Dosha balancing, Kitchari diet & a reintroduction phase. The entire cleanse lasts 7-9 days, with room to choose your length of time. 

Enjoy the nourishment and purification you receive from this supportive cleanse, practiced in the comfort of your own home.  All of our cleansing options are easy to follow along with and brought directly to you.

Prepare for cleanse by finding out your Dosha with this Banyan Botanicals Dosha Quiz.

3 Tiers of Support: Click on the link below to sign up for the option of your choice!

E-book which includes cleansing support:
  • Insight into seasonal cleansing with an Ayurvedic perspective
  • Shopping List
  • Cleanse Recipes
  • Dosha specific meal options and guidance
  • Self-care tools

Cleansing Kit Includes:
  • Spice kits for cleanse teas and kitchari
  • Herbal oil for self massage
  • Oil for oil pulling
  • Palo Santo stick for clearing space

Discounts on cleansing services with Danae & Tracie - Essential Oil Spinal Detox, Chakra Balancing & Coaching services.

Mindful Baking Parties

Let’s do our kiddos, and ourselves, a favor and enjoy desserts that are good for our body, too.

How do we do that?

By knowing what is good for us and engaging in the process.

Mindful Baking Parties with Danae, will leave your sweet tooth feeling satisfied and your brain and body, more energized. Plus you will have so much fun, creating with your friends.

The menu is co-created with the host and vegan, gluten-free and raw baking options are available.

Mindful Baking Party includes:

3 Conscious Recipe Creations: a simple raw recipe, gluten-free cake, muffin or bread & a host favorite!

Samples to try & take home

Learn about natural sweeteners, gluten-free & raw baking.

Copies of the recipes

Option to have desserts for sale at the event
$75 per person, includes the cost of food
Minimum of 4 people per party

Contact or call 817.994.9136 for more information and to plan your party today!

Schedule your Mindful Baking Party
Call 817.994.9136 or email for more information

Prices reflect baking parties within a 10 mile radius of 76114
Any area codes outside of this are subject to a traveling charge.

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