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As a Self-care & Spiritual Health Coach, I am sort of like a lifestyle specialist. I support my clients (you) in all aspects of their well-being in order to help them live a full, happy and balanced life; this is a holistic approach. We accomplish this by learning how to make more conscious decisions in all areas of our lives. This affords us the opportunity to truly understand the value of the present moment. This is complementary to and not in replace of, support that they would receive from their academic or medical communities. Therefore, I always work with them in accordance with their other health care practitioners and support them in taking full responsibility for their health and well-being.

I help them set goals in accordance with their health concerns and I support them in setting up strategies to reach their goals incrementally. This can include educating and supporting them about food choices and improved nutrition, exercise, stress and time management, career, relationships and so on. While I do not prescribe supplements, I do offer information and resources for clients to consider if they are interested in this support.

When it comes to food specifically, I support clients by:

Upgrade nutrition and learn about a variety of food options
Make sense of dietary theories and discover what works for them in a balanced way
Educate them on the use of whole foods in the diet
Increase awareness in their body about the impact of certain dietary choices
Support them in reducing processed foods in their diet
Make gradual changes that fit into their lifestyle, without depravation, leaving more room for sustainable change. 

Additional support I offer:

Personalized detox through nutrition and supplementation
In-home Nutrition and Cleansing support
Clean Eating Cooking Classes
Biofeedback and Stress Reduction techniques
Private Yoga and Movement instruction
Spiritual Healing support, Meditation and Mindbody techniques

Pricing & Service Offerings 


Coaching Services
from nutrition to family wellness coaching
mindfulness, biofeedback, yoga & product awareness are a few of the many lifestyle offerings, available with Danae
Service offerings geared towards nutrition and developing food connection.
Looking to embark on major dietary changes? Want to know if food sensitivities may be contributing to pesky imbalances and low energy? Are you finally ready to break your emotional eating cycles?
Danae offers a variety of ways to educate and connect with your food & food choices, one of the most frequent and life giving self-care habits you practice, every day.

Cleansing Offerings
Cleansing the body is a great way to boost the immune system, enhance energy and even aid in weight loss. We accumulate toxins daily from various sources: environment, bad water, products (such as cosmetics, hair products and household cleaners) and processed or unwashed foods. Some common signs of toxicity are fatigue, brain fog, coated tongue, and joint pain. Every choice either adds to or takes away from your quality of life and longevity. So how do we bring our body back to balance? Danae offers a variety of hands-on, customized cleanse options, including coaching and education about the cleansing processes of the body.

More about You...
Energy is never created or destroyed, only exchanged. Which means in every given moment energetic exchange is occurring. In fact, there are infinite amounts of energetic exchanges! In order to create new rhythms in your sustained well-being, it can be very helpful to take a snapshot of where you are, now. Danae offers a variety of energetic techniques, designed to guide you towards a better understanding of what is going on within and around you, ranging from nutritional profiling to biofeedback.

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