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My Favorite Conscious Beauty Products

Conscious Skincare Products

Visit the Conscious Collection page, my skincare and body line.
My Criteria for choosing Conscious Beauty Products

  • Environmental safety: I care about the toxins I put on or in my body, as well as their impact to the environment.
  • Animal testing: This is a NO NO NO for me. 
  • EWG: Toxicity Level, test no higher than a 2, by their rating system.
  • Coverage: I am all for au natural but if I am going to pay a pretty penny, I want it to provide excellent coverage, too.
  • Vibrancy: Lipsticks, blushes and eyeshadows need to create stay in place and have rich hues. 
  • Cause/Mission: I care when businesses care about their impact on the environment as well as how they can give back in bigger ways, to support the collective. We are all helped in some way, I appreciate when even businesses realize this as a function that ensures lasting success.

Brands with a Mission

  • W3LL PEOPLE - learn more about how they're lowering their prices to make better quality & beauty available for all!
  • Beauty Counter - They are getting people talking. They are driving other brands to up their quality game, I like it!
  • Red Apple Lipstick - they are so passionate about providing quality products without EVER compromising the integrity of their ingredients.
  • Annmarie Gianni - Organic & herbal, my favorite combination. I love the education this company provides, about all of their products and holistic wellness. I also appreciate the intention being fulfilled by this product line. She believed in better so she made something better. 

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