Self-care from Cell to Soul!

Building Bridges to Create Optimal Wellbeing!


Happy June! 

I hope all of the wonderful Fathers out there had a fantastic Father's Day, yesterday. I am so grateful for the very special work you do and the very special love you provide for your little ones. The world needs you!

I also hope you are all enjoying the warmer months and gearing up to the official start of summer, which is June 21st. Each season is represented by an element and as you may have guessed it, summer is represented by the element of FIRE.

Since we are also elemental beings, when we are aware of what is happening around us, we can use the elements to balance what is going on within us.

You may have noticed how during the summer, the earth yields more cooling and wet foods for us to enjoy, to balance the harshness of the heat. Can you imagine if you continued your hot latte habit when it is 100 degrees outside? It would be a safe bet to say you are going to experience imbalance in your body, of some kind! :)

So how do we stay balanced and in tune with what needs to shift, and when?

Listening deeply
Creating connections
Bridging the gap of separation
Integrating the new awareness. 

This sounds like a long process, but with conscious presence, this can happen instantaneously! In truth, this is the path of all life, right down to cellular communication.

Making connections and building a bridge to create true integration is a simple formula that can be applied to just about any habit of wellbeing. 

Separation is at the root of almost all imbalances; physical, spiritual, emotional and mental in nature. Something is just not connecting, which causes disharmony within the whole. To transform, transmute and evolve our imbalances into greater harmony and wellbeing, we have to tap into the language of our feelings. 

Our FEELINGS are signals within our body designed to guide us to the next best step, for our growth and evolution. Our FEELINGS alert us when we are out of balance, because the body's true desire is to be in balance, and if we are listening we can use the signals to provide ourselves with what we need. Our FEELINGS provide subtle information so that we know when we are even slightly off balance, so we can begin to self-regulate, rather than ignore or avoid. 

Did you know you could actually experience anger, frustration or sadness without labeling it as bad? 

This is because...

Emotions = Feeling + Mental Meaning

When we attach mental meaning to a feeling we label it as good or bad. You might be able to guess that you would naturally be more inclined to avoid, suppress or project an emotion which you deem as bad. The problem with this is that all feelings are designed, and present, to lead you back to more balance, happiness and wholeness. So if you are rejecting or denying the 'bad ones' you are actually keeping yourself in a holding pattern of separation within yourself. 

It is only when we move through, connect with and integrate ALL feelings and ALL parts of ourselves that we live fully in a place of optimal wellbeing. Many may not believe this is possible and it may not be for them, because of the holding patterns they are keeping themselves in.

his month, and beyond, I encourage each and everyone of you to take deep breaths and with clear sight, look at the choices and consider whether or not they are adding to, or taking away, from more integrated and conscious living. 

Bridging gaps in all areas of my wellbeing has brought so much wholeness and sense of worth to my life. Anytime I feel like 'something isn't working' I get quiet and feel into what needs connecting. 

I would love to hear about how building bridges and making connections is improving your wellbeing. You can share your experience with me by emailing:

Click HERE  to watch my monthly vlog with more on the topic of Building Bridges to Optimal Wellbeing. 

Being the bridge,



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