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Breeze into October

Hello my Conscious Co-creators!


Last month I shared more about Body Language and how to tune in to energetic shifts, occurring all around us. We are now officially in the season of Fall, one of my favorite times of year! Fall begins the process of going inward, in preparation for winter. The foods become more grounding and hardy and you may find yourself a little more sleepy, in the evenings. This slowing down and inward reflection makes Fall a perfect time to continue our conversation relating to Intuition, particularly Intuitive Eating. The holiday season is among us which can be a time where it becomes easier to lose our mindfulness of every day self-care habits and healthy eating.

Intuitive eating removes the craziness of tracking, counting, loathing and fear from your relationship to food. Which affords you the opportunity to make dietary choices from a space of deep knowing and trust of what is most nourishing, to you. It removes the emotional choosing and replaces it with trust in your choices, even if you chose to make a sub-optimal choice, from time to time.

Learning to listen to your body cues as well as the personality of foods, are underlying premises of how to begin to eat with a deeper sense of intuition and guidance. Most of our decisions are created from an unconscious place of affording others opinions and/or choosing from reaction (craving, emotion, habit, cultural belief) rather than a conscious capture of what you need, in this very moment.

‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.’
- Albert Einstein


Here are some of my favorite tips of how to chose more intuitively, limiting unconscious reactivity.

Centering before meal time. Before I sit down to eat, or prepare my food, I take some deep breaths, ground myself and even offer a gratitude practice. I envision all of the people it took to get the food to me; from the farmer, truck driver, produce stocker, and send them thanks for their part in my nourishment. I allow myself time to move through this process and

Get involved with your food, create Foodie Experiences. The more you are involved with the preparation of your food, the greater the potential for energetic connection and intuitive choices. Growing your own food adds an additional element of connection and creation. Food is an art, a language of its own, and it so inherently wants to dance with us. Allow yourself to view your food in a new light, one of co-creation rather than disconnected domination.

Let Quality be your Food Barometer. The higher quality of your food choices, the more energetic it will be, which is how your body responds (communicates) to food. If your choices are filled with synthetic chemicals, void of natural energy and life, it will dull your natural ability to FEEL into your body. In contrast, vibrant, colorful, fresh food will provide greater energy, less aches & pains and a heightened sensitivity to all that is occurring around you…all ingredients for Intuitive Success.

Into the body & out of the mind. Intuition is all about feelings. It is springs from somatic awareness, which means feeling your body. Intuition is a gift afforded to everyone and it is built into our bodily mechanics. Like a muscle, it must be exercised. Heard of gut instinct? This is valid and true! The question is, how do often do you listen to its’ cues or do you tend to rationalize your decisions? The first step is about listening to your body cues and determining the language it speaks. A no from your body feels very different than a yes. Get quite, tune in and ask your body to show you YES & NO. Expound this process by utilizing it within your every day decision making.

Change happens in stages. Allow yourself time to adjust and first start with easy changes, like swapping out your current food choices for better quality. If you aren't seeing desired results, look at the variety of your choices. The body thrives on a variety of colors of fruits, veggies and whole foods. Reducing the amount of processed foods (flour included) may be helpful during your Intuitive Eating process.

Create your own experience. The only way to really ‘know’ is to try it yourself!


Stay tuned for part 2, to learn more about foods and habits that may be sabotaging your Intuitive Guidance.


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