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Seasonal Shifts & Body Language

Hello my Conscious Co-creators!

Welcome to September! I hope your summer has been relaxing and full of adventure. The end of the month officially blows us into the fall, which means crockpot meals, football and cozy days are just around the corner.

There is so much to love about every season and I believe it is as important to honor our bodies, to not be swept away by the changing seasons.

The world we live in supports our bodies through the fruit of the land, the air we breathe and the water which we are made of. Balance and rhythm, of our bodily cycles, are supported through the cycles of the seasons. How? Foods, spices and herbs are used to balance the elements, found within the body, to create balance within your external environment and the ability to withstand extreme elements, like snow storms or 100+ degree weather. If you are interested in this topic, you can learn more about it here.

Beyond seasonal rhythms, did you know your body communicates
with you, right down at the cellular level?

Your thoughts, emotions and actions inspire communication between the trillions of cells in your body, as well as your organs and the many cooperative systems you are made of.

You may not be aware of the effects of your thoughts on your cellular memory, that is until you are aware of the language your body speaks.

Do you really believe those few extra pounds are hanging around because you are bad or have little willpower?

While this may hold some validity, we may also view weight gain as communication from our body. Communication of impeding imbalances, most likely internally and externally.

Weight gain can actually be viewed as an act of LOVE from your subconscious and physiological systems.

When we ingest harmful chemicals, the body intelligence knows it would be less harmful to store these toxins, in your fat cells, rather than allowing them to move through your vital organs. Your innate intelligence is protecting your well-being.

When we live in consistently stressful situations, weight gain is common. Another act of Self-Love from your Wiser Being. Your body produces stress hormones to help you cope with the stress. Your body also prepares for disaster, since you are signaling your cells that is what is next on your agenda, by slowing down digestion and increasing your energy with hormones. After all, stress signals threat and your body prepares for what may be a long winter or food rations by storing extra fat. This is love of the greatest kind, built in your cellular memory and DNA of harder times, past.

Maybe your weight gain started with digestive disturbances. Maybe, if you focused on WHEN these disturbances began, you could also identify a stressful situation (or reoccurring stressors) that coincide with your upset.

Communication from your Wiser Being always precedes imbalance or upset.

If you are not familiar with the signals and communication of your Wiser Being, imbalance is inevitable. Digestive imbalances are emotionally tied to loss of power and self-esteem. If we do not honor and feel our emotions (consciousness in motion) we store this information, in our cells, to be reminded of the need for healing. Without the awareness of the emotional connection, the disregard may result in physical imbalance

We also now know our brains omit information that disproves our beliefs and seeks information to validate those same beliefs. This means we are our perceptions.

What if you do not know how to speak the language of your body?

If you did, would you be able to listen with compassion, instead of simply treating symptoms?

Would you act on the gut feelings you receive?

The more attuned we become to our body language, the more Conscious and happy we can live.

This moves us from a space of fear of loss of control and the unknowing and into a space of complete Faith and Trust in our healing capabilities and communication with the world around us. Below are some of my favorite ways to increase my sensitivity to my body signals and the communication happening around me. With a fresh perspective and a new understanding of body language, the opportunity awaits to rewrite the details of your story.

Tuning in to the messages of your body...inflammation

Body Yes & No
Practice tuning in to the subtle ways your body signals Yes & No. Take the time to get clear and still and listen in. When in a mindful space, you will have the ability to feel the difference between a yes or no answer, from your being. Yes may feel warm & expansive where as No feels contractive & cold. There are no right answers, as everyone comes equipped with a very unique sensory device! :) Practice listening to the answers you receive, throughout your day, starting small.

Take stock in your emotions
Emotions are consciousness moving through your body, signaling you how to move towards and make your next choice. When we do not emote, our body stores the emotions in various organs and systems, eventually causing physical, mental or emotional imbalance, if left unmanaged. Start to pay attention to how your emotions are signaling you. Make the assumption the emotion is leading you to more balance, trust and happiness.

Somatic Awareness
Soma means of the body, add in the awareness and you have created a language between the environment around you, including your Spiritual connection, and your body temple. The more tuned in to your body, the more tuned in you are to intuition and the entire universe. Since emotions are to be felt, increased somatic awareness allows you to fine tune your communication with your emotions, too. Try dancing, self-massage, grounding or any other practices that invite you to become fully connected to your beautiful body.

Listen to Symptoms rather than covering them up
Chronic sinus infections or allergies, held over by daily allergy medicine? Are you taking antacids or laxatives on a regular basis? Do you participate in body shaming your few extra pounds or dimples? All of these scenarios involve communication from your body about imbalances happening, in various systems. Seek sustainable solutions rather than band-aids that will eventually fall off.

Energy Vampires
There are people in your life who's laugh and positive attitude are infectious. You always leave feeling brighter and happier than you did before you were with them. The same is true in reverse. We all know those people who completely drain or amp up your frustration, sometimes just being around them. Begin to tune in to how your body responds to the people around you. If you have to be around those who suck your energy, practice grounding and protecting yourself, before you have to engage with them. The more you recognize your energy patterns and how others affect them, the easier it gets to let go of relationships that are not serving your highest good, or theirs for that matter!

Where to find me in September...

Join Tracie Graves & Danae Fentie as they offer insight into Ayurvedic Cleansing during our FREE Conscious Community Class. This class is a free sampling of our upcoming Ayurvedic Cleanse in the coming weeks.

Cleanse considerations: timing, preparation & type Dosha Exploration: Learn about each of the Dosha types and more about yours!

Come to class prepared with your Dosha type by taking a Dosha Assessment

Not sure if cleansing is for you? Read more about signs of toxicity

Ayurveda is sister science to yoga and an ancient health practice, with its origins in India. Ayurveda places emphasis on maintaining balance while focusing on prevention of dis-ease. Many factors, both internal and external, act constantly on us to disturb this balance, like stress, poor eating habits, climate change, exposure to toxicity & many more. Ayurveda teaches that maintaining diet and lifestyle techniques that support your unique constitution (dosha), and seasonal cleansing are the keys to obtaining and maintaining overall good health.

There are three "doshas" that exist and all of them are present in us to some degree. Meaning, we all have vata, pitta, and kapha in our body at all times, however it is the distribution or amount of each that makes us unique and make up our true "dosha".

These doshas are: Vata (air) - Pitta (fire) - Kapha (earth)

Each of these have unique qualities that can be both seen and felt. Imbalance of any dosha simply means too much of that element present at one time. For instance, vata or air, is light, quick and dry in nature, examples of imbalance are dry or wrinkled skin, joint pain, constipation and confusion in the mind. In nature, think of a spending too much time in the wind and getting dry cracked skin, dry sinuses or your hair getting being whipped around and looking chaotic. Foods that encourage more vata dosha are raw vegetables, fruits, popcorn, and chips (foods that are airy). Vata time of year is in the fall when wind and change are at a peak. This is the ideal time of year to cleanse out excess vata or air from the body as it is present in abundance in the environment.
Join us for an inspiring and supportive whole body cleanse. Because we know the fall is a busy time, we have created a cleanse that includes ALL of the details, all you have to do is enjoy the process and let go of what is no longer serving you!

This Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse will include time for preparation, Dosha balancing, Kitchari diet & a reintroduction phase. The entire cleanse lasts 7-9 days, with room to choose your length of time.

The cost for the Cleanse is $165.00 and begins on Monday, September 26.

Supply pick up is Friday, September 23 at either 8:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. or you can make arrangements with Danae or Tracie. Please email us with any questions.

Some of the support you can look forward to includes (but not limited to):

* Spice kits for cleanse teas and kitchari - Ayurvedic staple during cleanse

* Cleansing Guide with Dosha speciļ¬c meal options and recommendations

* Self-Care Kit with instructions for self-care practices

* Week pass of yoga

* Discounts on cleansing services with Danae & Tracie -
Essential Oil Spinal Detox, Chakra Balancing & Coaching services



for more information and schedule availability. 

If you are ready to make a commitment to Self-Care, Sign up Now!

For the Month of September...



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