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Blazing through Summer


Can you FEEL the intensity that happens as the HEAT increases? It is no accident that we practice more vacating during the hot, summer months. It is an intuitive cultural practice.
I am not sure about you, but I am TOTALLY feeling the need to slow down & just chill. I have found extra time for self-care and Im SOO enjoying staying hydrated with lots of veggie juice, fruits and infused waters!
Last month I spoke of how we find balance during times of transition, like season changes. This month let’s explore the positive qualities of fire.
Fire is destructive, creative & transformative. It may start with a dull ember and transform into an all consuming, blazing heat. It is the only element that doesn’t begin in a natural state…it must consume another element to become alive. It is passionate, sensual, purifying AND powerful.
How are the elements of fire showing up in your life?!
This month’s forecast on the Power Path, a school of Shamanism, reflects the major theme of TRANSFORMATION.
This month has tested me in new and deep ways. What has been so amazing to me are my transformative responses.
Upon reflection, I see how my slow burning embers have now caught fire and are blazing through old beliefs and habits.
I am asking for what I want. 
I am standing up for what I believe in, in even brighter ways. 
I am listening to my needs and passionately providing them. 
I am NOT responding in old, fearful ways.
I am so determined and willing to risk everything to chose LOVE, in all that I am.

There is a feeling of transcendence that is engulfing me. It seems as there is no turning back from here. What is no longer serving me must be destroyed to make room for new growth.
Why fear this? How naive of us to believe that we are so constant. Even a tree changes form throughout the years. We must become new, over and over again.
Call on your inner fire to blaze into ultimate well-being.
Wondering if you’ve got your fire?

Ask yourself these questions:

Are there any area(s) of your life where stagnation is happening?

Stagnation is a state of ‘standing still’. Stagnation in the body looks like constipation, excess mucous, digestive disturbances caused by fermentation in the gut. Stagnation in your thoughts looks like repetitive, negative patterns that keep you right where you are, under fear’s wing. Stagnation of your emotional life may show up as dealing with the same rollercoasters or a general feeling of apathy.

What role does passion play in your life?

The very essence of passion, is fire. It is transformative in nature and inspires us to create, love, give, be…the contrast of reason. Yes it is important to be reasonable. However, if we are operating from stagnant beliefs, our reasoning will not be aligned with what’s true for well-being. The nature of a belief is to continue to prove itself right. See why it’s so important to check in with your operating beliefs? Are old beliefs running the show?

Really check in with what are some of your core beliefs around love, life, well-being, relationships, etc. Do your beliefs align with your goals in these areas, or are they in opposition? For instance, you may have the desire to be super successful yet you hold the belief that nothing you ever do will be good enough to meet that level of success. Awareness of this alignment (or inconsistency) allows you to get still and discover ways to use the qualities of fire to create new patterns.

On the most basic level, are you choosing fear over love?

Thank your reptilian brain for keeping us in this tango! Our Amygdala reminds us of the danger of newness and expanding boundaries. Love requires trust and sometimes trust feels like free falling. Free falling to the amygdala may mean DEATH! So who do you choose to listen to? An old part of your brain, or the wise and balanced truth of your heart?

The choice is yours, call on fire to passionately point you in the right direction.Challenge yourself through answering these qualities, feeling into your answers and using the qualities of fire to inspire change!


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