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Tuning into Gratitude

I am so GRATEFUL to share with you this month, the gift of GRATITUDE! I want to share my ideas about gratitude and tangible ways to cultivate more gratitude in your daily life and beyond.

We all have SO much to be grateful for, but are we really tapped into receiving these blessings?

Or even more simply, are we even aware of WHAT we have to be grateful for?

Some of us may think of the word gratitude as a simple, thinking about things that we are grateful (or thankful) for. While this is true, it lacks true expression of the vitality and omnipresence of Gratitude.

Maybe you have been to a yoga class where chanting was involved. Maybe you muttled along and chanted to the best of your ability. Maybe you even began to enjoy it. On a deeper level, the chant that fell from your lips, also vibrated to all of the cells in your body, every single one of them were in on the chant. Now, you don’t necessarily hear or feel this communication so let’s assume you weren’t as connected as you could be to the profound effects of the chanting class.

This is an illustration of Gratitude. The effects of being thankful are far beyond your immediate comprehension. It’s like skipping a rock, watch the ripples extend out..until you cannot see them anymore.

When we are grateful, we have more to be grateful for. This is ENTIRELY true! The Power of Gratitude!

So how do you make this your reality? 

By first getting clear about what really makes you happy and what you already have to be grateful for.

The first half of this can be more easily understood by understanding the Pleasure Principle. This principle is a concept of Freudian psychology and states that there is an instinctual seeking of pleasure and avoidance of pain. It is the nature of the subconscious to move towards that which is pleasurable and move away from people,places & activities that cause us pain.

If this is instinctual why is there suffering? Better yet, why & how do we cause our own suffering? 

First, let’s gain a deeper understanding of how the subconscious operates. The average person is walking around using about 1% of their consciousness (this may be a generous conclusion), the rest of their life consists of subconscious patterning, usually engrained by the age of 6. What does this mean? This means that most of what you think is voluntary action is actually pre-programmed patterning, delivered from the sub-conscious. Which is why it may seem so difficult to ‘undo’ negative or harmful patterns; not when we become mindful and devote time & effort to our Consciousness.

Pleasure precedes desire. We have desires to act as a catalyst for change. Consciousness thrives on change. If desires are overlooked or negotiated so to is our ability to become more conscious. This is when distraction has a chance to thrive and we begin to try and fill this void.

Over-indulgence only happens when we deny our desires in the first place, which may lead to addiction and imbalances of all sorts. The loss of connection to desire also may result in a loss of personal power. We are left with a feeling of lack or instinct injury, providing space for others to leave impressionable marks on our views of our health & self-worth.

It is my belief that we cause harm to ourselves and others because we are distracted and disconnected from the true source of pain or lack, or desire. If it were easy to correlate your grumpy mood with not being able to express your creativity, the pain would be easy to move away from.

Similarly, when food is consumed mindfully, without distraction, it becomes effortless to make the correlation between the meal and the onset of discomfort in the body. However, because we culturally eat in busy situations, standing, or watching television we often miss the messages of discomfort provided by our body.

Pleasure & Consciousness are connected and provide us with more clarity and abundance than our rational mind could ever imagine! It is about moving from the limited space of the mind into the knowing of Your Heart Space, Gratitude’s love nest.

This is when we can fully tap into the recognization of beauty in everything, the God particle. We shift from a mindset (and body knowing) of lack to abundance.

It is ALL about our perception. Desires and gratitude at first may not appear to go hand in hand. But if you pause, allow the breath to flow through your being, you can connect to the message of this blog. When we are happy, we are grateful (and vice versa). When we fulfill our desires, we are happy (and vice versa). Move those three words around and they all fit.

I encourage you to tune in. Listen to what your body and being are really asking for. Need some guidance? Check out this blog on listening in to your Body’s Yes & No’s.


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